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NYE Count down Party @Cafe Moonlight Bali

What a wonderful count down New Year Party @Cafe Moonlight Bali,

Special thanks to music live performance by “Ajat & Barok” (Member of World Music Band “Saharadja”), Misako Kameoka & Gun2 for the arrangement. Everybody dancing on the floor !! 🙂 Please check details pictures on our December 2014 post at: https://www.facebook.com/linagohshimizu/posts/10202831793589034

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Cafe Moonlight Bali, Our Concept

Healthy smoothies, salads, pancakes, juices, fine coffee & flowers.

Café Moonlight Bali, We have a very different approach to food. We want you to start your day with delicious tasting food that is also full of natural flavors containing many of the essential nutrients, minerals, vitamins and enzymes that you need to begin your day. We believe in a brighter start to a brighter day, where every day is started with the correct meal that gives a boost, energized, feeling free from fatigue as you continue into the afternoon.

Many people experience discomfort and even bloating after eating due to ingredients in their food that disagree with their bodies natural balance. We believe food should continually heal and strengthen your body each day. We provide enjoyable, fun delicious recipes, providing the nutrition needed to help you maintain a healthy and active life. We prepare foods that actually “feed and nourish the body” Instead of the highly processed fast foods with nutrient empty calories that just fill the stomach up, and lack any real dietary healthy benefits.

Different foods for different lives. We understand that we all need to eat different foods as we all live different lives. Many of us are not actually aware of what works well for us. Life is busy and often we are not in a position to prepare the correct food that our body needs. Instead we often choose something that is convenient rather than healthy.

Cafe Moonlight Bali-5308800px

Quite Simply, if you do not care about your health each and every day, then who will? We all want to enjoy our meals. However we all have different relationships with our approach to food and diet. As individuals surrounded by choice, we all eat for different reasons. Some want a diet specifically aimed at weight loss, figure control and beauty. Some of us want glowing skin, strong bones lean and flexible muscles. Slowly through education this can be achieved, it starts with awareness. Learning the importance of reduced fat, reduced amounts of sugar and empty calories in a daily diet. Without this awareness it is difficult to achieve weight loss, eliminate fatigue and maintain a trim figure. However our activities differ and people working physically or participating in sports and exercise need different diets from those sitting all day. A diet high in minerals, proteins and extra calories to help build strength and repair injuries.

“Feeding” your body not just “filling” it.

At Café Moonlight Bali we believe our daily diet should be “feeding” our body not just “filling” our stomachs with processed foods. Aiming to avoid foods that are nutritionally empty but that have high calorie, high fat content. This includes removing foods and drinks with added chemicals and flavorings. More and more people are beginning to realise that they need to take complete control of their diet and health care management, especially those that travel often, or live and work abroad.

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Our Concept is Simple, Delicious, healthy, natural foods for a brighter day.

Café Moonlight Bali aims to provide you with healthy, natural foods to start and help you continue a brighter day. Our recipes and ingredients are intelligently researched, lovingly prepared, locally sourced from natural foods. The ingredients are then combined in delicious recipes and served in a clean, fun and friendly environment.