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Cafe Moonlight Bali 1st Year Hindu Praying Ceremony




When in Bali do as the Balinese do.
Give thanks in all things what we have done.

We pray for all the best what we will do. We enter 2nd year from today.

Our adventure still goes on.

Cafe Moonlight Bali 1st Anniversary – Sharing Fun Moments

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One year of Cafe Moonlight Bali were really memorable.

Great guests, buffet of tasty food, drinks, live music and a raffle ticket with lots of great prizes donated by some of our sponsors Angelica Shiraki, Bali Kobo, Suppliers and Nagisa Bali. Door prizes and night party in second floor reminded the fun nights. Below are some of the photos and here is to everyone having another great year!



NYE Count down Party @Cafe Moonlight Bali

What a wonderful count down New Year Party @Cafe Moonlight Bali,

Special thanks to music live performance by “Ajat & Barok” (Member of World Music Band “Saharadja”), Misako Kameoka & Gun2 for the arrangement. Everybody dancing on the floor !! 🙂 Please check details pictures on our December 2014 post at: https://www.facebook.com/linagohshimizu/posts/10202831793589034

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Ballet Class Farewell Party, Dec 2014

Ballet Class Farewell party was held on last 22 Dec 2015 at our Cafe Moonlight Bali. It was ended beautifully with the slide show video presentation and Santa Claus christmas party for ballet student. The ballet class was hold for Ms. Yasuko Yoneda, a professional Japanese Ballet Teacher in jalan Mertanadi, Kerobokan, behind of Warung Litut + Cafe.